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Times of Service:
Sunday Morning Bible Class: 9:30 AM
Sunday Morning Worship: 10:30 AM
Wednesday Night: 7:00 PM
Hillside Church of Christ
10400 Wesley Street 
Greenville, TX 75402
(903) 454-9324
Here you will find all the written material for the adult classes that we have had since the beginning of the year 2012.

If there is something specific you were looking for, please e-mail us and we will see if we have it. Thanks!

Bible Class Material
Galatians (Men's Class - 1st Quarter, 2012)

Between the Testaments (Mixed Class - 2nd Quarter, 2012)

1 Corinthians (Men's Class - 3rd Quarter, 2012)

Harmony of the Gospels (Mixed Class - 4th Quarter, 2012/1st Quarter)

Forces at Work (Wednesday - 1st Quarter, 2013)

2 Corinthians (Men's Class - 2nd Quarter, 2013)

David Through the Psalms (Wednesday - 2nd Quarter, 2013)

Letters to Young Preachers (Mixed Class - 3rd Quarter, 2013)

Understanding Isaiah (Wednesday - 4th Quarter, 2013)

Satan's Work in Today's Church (Men's Class - 4th Quarter, 2013)

Shadows of the Old Testament (Wednesday - 1st Quarter, 2014)

Teach Us, Lord, To Pray (Mixed Class - 1st Quarter, 2014)

Why the Judges? (Men's Class - 2nd Quarter, 2014)

Great Sermons of the Bible (Wednesday - 2nd Quarter, 2014)

Why I Believe (Mixed Class - 3rd Quarter, 2014)

One Vine, One Branch (Wednesday - 4th Quarter, 2014)

Love, John (Men's Class - 4th Quarter, 2014)

Looking For Our Brethren (Sunday - 1st Quarter, 2015)

By the Numbers (Wednesday - 1st Quarter, 2015)

Letters to Seven Churches (Wednesday - 2nd Quarter, 2015

On Canaan's Doorstep (Wednesday - 3rd Quarter, 2015)

The Book of Job (Sunday - 4th Quarter, 2015)

Conversations With Jesus: A Somewhat-Overview of the Book of John (Wednesday - 4th Quarter, 2015)

The Letter to the Hebrews (Sunday - 1st Quarter, 2016

The Sermon on the Mount (Wednesday - 1st Quarter, 2016)

The Unknowns (Sunday - 2nd Quarter, 2016)

Tough Text (Wednesday - 2nd Quarter, 2016)

How to Study the Bible (Sunday - 3rd Quarter, 2016)

The Book of Daniel  (Wednesday - 3rd Quarter, 2016)

The Book of Ephesians  (Sunday - 4th Quarter, 2016)

Christ Before Jesus  (Wednesday - 4th Quarter, 2016)

The Functioning Church  (Sunday - 1st Quarter, 2017)

Just Luke  (Wednesday - 1st Quarter, 2017)

Conquering Canaan  (Sunday - 2nd Quarter, 2017)

Who is the Holy Spirit?  (Wednesday - 2nd Quarter, 2017)

I Was There  (Sunday - 3rd Quarter, 2017)

Ezra and Nehemiah (Wednesday - 3rd Quarter, 2017)

God's Hymnal (Sunday - 4th Quarter, 2017)

Questions and Answers (Wednesday - 4th Quarter, 2017)